Hospital Rules

Your Values are Our Values


  • The patient behaves accordingly to the rules of the institution she applied. She acts as a participant and she knows that she is a part of the diagnosis and treatment team.
  • She gives the information about her complaints, previous disorders, treatments and medical interventions, her medications if any, and all the information concerning her health thoroughly and correctly as much as possible.
  • She goes for a check up on the dates that her doctor determines. She gives feedbacks about the course of her treatment.
  • She complies with the appointment time and she informs any changes to relevant authority.
  • She pays respect to the rights of other patients, the personel and the patients who are given priority according to the relevant legislation.
  • She does not show any actions of violence towards the personnel either verbal or physical.
  • She applies to the patient communication unit when she thinks her rights are violated or when she experiences a problem.