Quality Policy System

Your Values are Our Values

The foundation of Private Buhara Hospital’s quality policy bases on always giving right, fast and a high quality service with a professional approach. Besides it is really important for us to sustain the continuity in terms of the standards of these services that we provide.

In Private Buhara Hospital, we support personal and career developments of the employees, particularly the specialists’ and health teams’, with educational programs.  We do our job in conformity with the quality standards ministry of health has prepared and we adopt a reformist administration.

It is one of the unchangeable parts of Private Buhara Hospital’s quality policy to ensure not only patients’ but also patient relatievs’ satisfaction. In order to sustain that satisfaction in all circumstances, our health staff meets the demands in the best possible way by paying close attention to the expectations. Our staff offers high quality and luxurious services in a fully equipped, modern hospital environment.

It is another important point of Private Buhara Hospital’s quality policy to sustain not only the satisfaction of patients and their relatives, but also the employees’. We intend to increase the productivity of the employees day by day.  With the help of communication activities, workshops, educational programmes; our employees’ interests, expectations and needs are determined and new regulations are implemented according to these.

As per Private Buhara Hospital’s quality policy, all necessities  designated by regulations are carried out without any reserve about the security of the hospital. Respective Department and all the employees are kept informed in detail about maintaining security 7/24. So as to minimize the likelihood of possible accidents, simulated operations are being done and

With simulated operations which are performed so as to minimize the likelihood of possible accidents, we target to update security informations and we endaviour to strengthen the sense of responsibility on security.

Private Buhara Hospital has an environmentalist approach. Waste management regulations are followed closely. Hospital wastes are separated, collected and removed on time and properly. Legislative regulations about the environment are obeyed.